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April 27, 2006

Memorable experiences in the meat space

You want the hottest news on cutting edge technology? Well step right up; you came to the right website. Just when you (as a member of the exhibition industry where leading edge gimmicks are dreamed up every day of the week in an effort to trap the attention of a passing punter,) think you've seen and heard it all, along comes this vision from hell. The Amsface Sir Alan Sugar's regular guest appearances are in danger of becoming the Jonathan Ross show's equivalent to Parky's preoccupation with Billy Connelly. And this time, Sir Alan took the opportunity for a spot of low cost market research for a new product Amstrad are thinking of launching. So on Wossy's recent Friday Night Show (March 31st - perilously close to, but not quite April 1st), as he held the corner of a cloth covering the death mask you see above, Ross turned and asked the audience: "Are you ready for this?" The audience replied that it was. Most perceptively, Wossy remarked "I don't think you are" and then he whipped away the shroud. The audience gasped nervously at the sight something so terrifying that Madame Tussaud's might be obliged to restrict to viewing in the 18 year-old and over section. But then they were rolling in the aisles as Sir Alan set it in motion. The killer feature being a concealed door that swings open and the accusing finger of Sir Alan popping out at the moment he makes that familiar dismissive statement. This is something that could only work as effectively when executed in the physical domain - referred to by us nerds as "the meat space". It's a fine example of the proposition that the value of physical presence (menace?) nicely illustrates the gulf that still exists between a virtual and physical experience. And why, in an age of screen based information systems, the punters will be forking out their 40 as fast as Amstrad can make this horrible thing - probably mostly as Christmas and birthday presents for the man or woman or thought they had everything they wanted. And this just confirms that they did. That irritating big-mouthed bass is dead, a new reign of terror has begun. And I am not waiting to buy one at twice list price on eBay when the fad strikes next Christmas, so my order reserving ten went straight onto the website. The Amsface apparently contains a proximity detector to frighten passers-by, so what better way to keep those pesky rabbits off the carrot patch? "Oi Bunny, get your bleedin' whiskers out of my veg, or you'll get fired (at)!"
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