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December 4, 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa: A Fresh Way to Teambuild

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The Event chats with two innovative companies pushing the boundaries in the teambuilding arena.

The Gallivanting Goose

A wild goose chase the likes of which you’ve never before seen, this fascinating teambuilding game offers scavenger hunts in and around Cape Town or Johannesburg, using an app to gamify the experience. Fun, immersive and educational, activities are tracked in real-time (including a live scoreboard), and teams work together to creatively complete challenges. Larissa Sparg shares more.

What does a typical TGG event look like?

Imagine a game of cranium, your funniest home videos and charades getting together in a smart phone – that’s a game with The Gallivanting Goose. On the day, teams meet at a designated point, depending on the game they are playing. After teams are taken through instructions and an initial trial run, the game is on. A standard game is 90 minutes long. Once the time is up and the game is over, everyone meets to go through results and final bragging rights are announced. All images taken during a game are the client’s for the keeping post-event.

What are the challenges of running a teambuilding company in a competitive market?

Sticking to your knitting, constantly refining your offering, and being clear on your unique selling points. Figuring out how to be smart in meeting your client’s needs and remaining true to your brand, all at the same time.

What trends have you noticed in the sector recently, and how does TGG feed into these?

Just by making use of a smartphone to take part in a wild goose chase game is very much on trend – we as humans are addicted to our devices!

Clients are looking more and more to use a teambuilding event to cover multiple ground: a) team building element where everyone can be included b) allow participants to experience an iconic venue or destination and have fun c) results driven; they want measurables and not just an ‘opskop’.

A game with TGG meets all these needs: a) it allows for people to come together and operate out of their usual office hierarchies – it allows for skills and talents folks usually don’t get a chance to display in an office environment, to come to the fore. Laughter and fun certainly breaks down many barriers between people – and in this game one laughs, a lot! b) As the games can be custom built to any venue, clients can get to experience a place of their choice. c) The game allows for new conversations to start and for people to become more familiar with one another outside of the work environment, which is often a less threatening place. The results from a game can also help an employer gain many insights to a team’s dynamics. To find out more, visit thegg.co.za.


A company that had its beginnings as the number one attraction in London in 2012, HintHunt came to SA in October 2013 at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, and now has three locations including one in Johannesburg. Essentially an escape game, the initial concept of which was coined many years ago in Japan, HintHunt has been the top local attraction on TripAdvisor since 2015 and has grown immensely since its inception. Stephen Schutte gives us more info.

Why is HintHunt so unique as a teambuilding exercise?

We put different team members from different departments in a room together and all of a sudden they come out of a room and for weeks and weeks afterwards, they’re talking to each other and inadvertently building rapport. This is actually a spin-off of the game; some of our biggest clients are Allan Grey, Old Mutual. When departments are mixed up and put in a room together they come out laughing and screaming and there’s just a sense of camaraderie – they don’t really tell anyone else what goes on in the room because they want you to go and try and beat the room.

What has happened in the last year?

Mid-2017 the Waterfront approached us and said, “We’ve got an opening at Jubilee Hall, we’ve heard so much about you guys”. During that time we also shot to the number one attraction on TripAdvisor for two years running. Trip Advisor actually had to redesign their algorithms based on the fact that people were asking why this game had more reviews than Table Mountain! We’re still number one, but we’re in an indoor activities-type segment.

So we opened this year in April at the V&A and we’ve launched new games – we’ve got a shipwreck theme and a submarine room, which are probably the most hi-tech game rooms in the world. Then we’ve also got VR escape room set up.

How do you cater to corporates?

We’ve got a bar and a corporate area. There’s so much parking, and there are so many restaurants nearby so corporates come and perhaps do a strategy session at HintHunt or additional little build-on games like Minute To Win It. In the new year we will launch a sister company called Directors of the Extraordinary. This will change the face of teambuilding, and we’re going to gamify gin or wine tasting, for example. Basically, we will bring the teambuilding to you. So we’re about to go live with that in January 2019. To find out more, visit hinthunt.com/south-africa.

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