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April 7, 2015

South East Europe: Why Live Campaigns Are the Next Big Thing in Marketing

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By Colja M. Dams, CEO, VOK DAMS Agency for Events & Live-Marketing

Every year marketers ask themselves the same question: “Is there a new trend in marketing communications?”

This question is no coincidence, but rather expresses the uncertainty of professionals in communications. But trends are becoming ever more fast-paced and budgets increasingly smaller. Every measure has to subordinate itself to the strict dictate of measurability and in addition to this one is in a permanent race with competitors.

All of this can lead to an absolute satiation of the consumer.

New ideas are in great demand.

One needs to be heard and the respective message needs to appeal to the recipient, to offer him an added value. This, in turn, requires a mind shift in communication. Consumers no longer want a one-way communication, but they want dialog. Recommendations from one’s peer group are what trigger people’s purchase decisions.

Hybrid Events as a chance for more dialog

Which communication instrument offers the best opportunity to enter dialog?

The answer is obvious: live-encounters and Internet. Live represents an enormous depth of contact, Internet stands for a very large amount of contacts in real time. So what would be more obvious than to sensibly combine these two?

Hybrid Events stand for the combination of the live-experience with its immense contact intensity with MoSoLo (mobile applications, social media und location based services) offering the vast coverage potential of the Internet.


Let us briefly look at current socio cultural trends, to then draw conclusions from them about the requirements of the target groups.

No. 1: Egolution

“Me, myself and I” – Self-realization becomes increasingly important.

No. 2: We Ciety

The joint experience becomes ever more central for many people – especially young ones. Only at first glance this may seem like a countermovement. Rather, one may become part of several different peer-groups, but it is within these groups that one also aim to find self-fulfillment, as joint experiences with others also become a means of self-realization.

No. 3: Word-of-mouth 2000 3D

The most effective marketing-tool ever. Since 1956 several analyses have proven over and over again the power of recommendations for the purchase process. And it is the digital revolution that makes recommendations more important than ever before.

No. 4: Co-Creation

People come together to create something big, to think of and find solutions together. Why?

Simply because it is possible nowadays, and because they want to achieve something. Makerspaces, hackerthons and co-working places – are all first examples for this. It is the search for a pragmatic solution of a problem which always lies at the core.

No. 5: Story appetite

People love stories. We learn through them, they are a means of social education for us. Since 2011 when content marketing entered the marketing agenda, the focus on content, has often pushed aside the fact that people only like content, when it offers them some kind of added value, when it is actually relevant for them. Moreover, the more “beautifully wrapped” these content-stories are, the more likely it becomes that they will be retold and shared.

Content marketing thus means: find the good story and spread its word.

So even if the requirements behind these trends are by no means new, they can be expressed in a whole new way thanks to the new communication possibilities of today. Communication today thus has to be has to be authentic, emotional, relevant and offer some kind of added value.

Live Campaigns

Hybrid Events especially are able to integrate other media channels such as TV, Print or PR into marketing communication. The event is no longer one mere communication channel amongst others. But it generates content for all relevant channels of the target group. Thus, the event moves into the core of the overall marketing campaign. Events become the epicenter of a new communication form for brands and products – the campaign becomes a “Live Campaign”.

We have to take into consideration here that already several communication measures or events, which are being implemented nowadays, contain Live Campaign elements or have to potential to become a Live Campaign.

The potential of Live Campaigns

Live Campaigns ensure an emotional, relevant communication with added value for the target group. The event does not only take place once, but instead generates content, which can in turn be communicated over a long period of time.

A Live Campaign is also a platform for joint, interactive working and thinking. And the event does not have to be at the start of the campaign. Rather, Live Campaigns can kick-off first in the virtual world and then open out into an event later.

Case study live campaigns:

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster launch –
Fastest City Takeover ever

A good example for Live Campaigns is the spectacular launch of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster in Miami. The event was conceived and designed in such a way as to both define and at the same time shape the communication channels of the relevant target groups.

Just as its motto demonstrates: “The Fastest City Takeover Ever!“ And this was indeed how the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster was presented in Miami to the more than 400 dealers and lifestyle- and automobile journalists. A city takeover in the truest sense of the word ensued. Kick-off of the two months long activities was the official presentation on the Ocean Drive, the “boulevard of the American automobile elite.” With a test drive parade through town, the new roadster attracted the attention of several thousand onlookers and became the talk-of-town. On the busiest airport of the US, Miami’s International Airport, a high-speed experiment was launched: an exclusive high-speed duel in a class of its own. On the runway, several Lamborghini Aventador Roadsters raced in front of a Boing 777. In this extreme demonstration of performance the new sports car demonstrated its extreme power and sportiness.

And it was in this way the event generated content for all communication channels. These ensuing activities with a high presence turned the press and dealer launch into a PR spectacle, which went around the world. The event drew more and more Lamborghini fans and paparazzi into town each day. The strong presence of the brand and of the new roadster in the region and in the local and international media furthermore ensured that Lamborghini’s fashion and merchandise collection, which was offered in a pop-up store erected especially for the duration of the event, literally flew off the shelves.


Successful content marketing is driven by live marketing. The Hybrid Event becomes the motor of Live Campaigns. The client address is holistic, permanent and with added value. Live Campaigns are the new mega-trend – not solely as regards the events industry.

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