Official reopening of the festival halls in Hannover Congress Centrum

September 7, 2012

Official reopening of the festival halls in Hannover Congress Centrum

Under the motto “Tradition and Innovation” the historical festival halls in the Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC) – Blauer Saal, Bonatz Saal and Roter Saal and the accompanying foyer – were reopened on September 4 in the presence of some 200 guests from politics, administration and business.

In his welcome address Hans Mönninghoff, head of Hanover’s economic affairs department, pointed out: “The City decided in 2009 to consider the building work that we see completed today within the overall context of the centre’s forthcoming 100th anniversary in 2014, for which it put up altogether EUR 8 million over a four-year period.”
A total of EUR 3.6 million was invested in refurbishment and modernisation of the festival halls, in a new tiled roof above the halls and in modernisation of the air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. Mönninghof continued: “It was an absolute tour de force that during the – extremely compact – construction period at our disposal between June 1 and the present day we still managed to host roughly 300 largish and smaller events in other parts of the centre.”
HCC Director Joachim König added: “The intention is to reflect and bring to life 100 years of history – and to present ourselves in such a way that people notice what rich and historic tradition is housed in the HCC. The key factor setting the HCC apart from other congress and event venues in many places is the symbiosis between old and new, between yesterday and tomorrow, or – as expressed in the motto of our centre – between tradition and innovation.”
Both Mönninghoff and König sincerely thanked all the people who had made the building alterations possible, not failing to mention the HCC team who had carried on working with their customary aplomb during the renovation. König announced further refurbishments by 2014.

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