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May 15, 2009

MOVIE STAR:How video can take events to another level

Technological innovation and falling costs are making video increasingly accessible to businesses for use as a powerful strategic marketing tool. It can be particularly useful in enhancing and generating a higher return on investment from live marketing, as Ian Whiteling discovers.

Point a video camera in someone’s face and you’re guaranteed to strike fear into them. But doesn’t that seem a little odd in the Noughties – a time when the moving image is everywhere, from the TV to the internet and now even on your mobile phone.

From the humble wedding video to You’ve Been Framed, we’re shooting more videos of ourselves than ever before. Build YouTube into the mix, where even primary school kids are uploading video footage of themselves, and it won’t be long before talking into a video camera will be like speaking over the phone – in fact, you can already view the person you’re talking to when using Skype through a laptop that has a built in camera.

A question of quality

Although video seems to be everywhere, there are two places where it is conspicuous by its absence: in business and on the internet beyond YouTube and online media sites. Perhaps this is because video is perceived as being cheap, cheerful and fun – and not appropriate for a more serious corporate environment.

Meanwhile, the high production values associated with television are viewed as prohibitively expensive. What’s more, up until recently, internet technology has not been able to support high quality video. These factors have meant that business has shied away from using video.

However, today, as EVENTS:review proves, online video is almost up to television quality, while the fact that video editing can be done on a laptop has brought costs right down. So perhaps it’s time for companies to open their eyes to the opportunities video offers to engage more effectively with their audiences.

Marketing strategy

“A company website is the obvious place to start,” says David Miller, creative director at DandPC, a design and communications company that specialises in creating marketing-led videos for businesses.

“Rather than simply being a shop window, these days your website should be more engaging, and including video interviews with senior executives or clients can be a really powerful marketing tool. What’s more, the return on investment from events – an area receiving a growing proportion of marketing budgets – can be increased by using video strategically.”

One company that’s blazing a trail in this area is live marketing agency Line Up – in fact, it has its own video production facilities in house and puts them to good use when organising events. For one of the company’s directors, Rob Leach, it’s all about making events more effective.

“It’s about creatively adding value to the communication tolls of the event and potentially creating something that can live beyond the experience, perhaps to a wider audience that through financial cutbacks could not attend,” he explains.

Greater ROI
This idea of extending the reach or ‘amplifying’ events is a key way of squeezing more value or return from campaigns.

“It is particularly effective for live experiences focused on disseminating key corporate information, such as training, future strategy or visions and values,” says Miller.

“Footage shot during the course of such events, can be edited into a professionally presented video summing up the key elements. This can not only be distributed to delegates after the event to reinforce the key messages delivered, overcoming a common problem of knowledge decay, but it can also be sent to other relevant employees, cascading the information down throughout the organisation.”

Such videos can be presented by the senior management team that attended the original event to increase the impact, and it saves the time and money, not to mention the carbon footprint, involved in holding a single conference  – or several – for the entire organisation.

“The videos can also be hosted on a company’s intranet,” Miller continues, “which can be accessed by all employees, or restricted to a relevant group through password protection.”

On stream
Combining video and internet technology can take meetings and conferences to a global audience as they happen, using streaming technology. EVENTS:review has done this several times, including a number of meetings relating to the takeover of London venue ExCeL by ADNEC, which were beamed live across the global web channel. Any company could do the same through its own website.

“It’s also possible to get viewers to interact in real time by sending in questions via email that can be answered live, which we did recently during our webcast of a Joint Meetings Industry Council webinar,” said EVENTS:review’s production director Phil Tobitt.

Video can also be used as a creative tool to boost engagement with delegates during an event.

“Our recent Indesit launch used a number of films covering the event’s theme of ‘Elevation’, brand positioning, product information, and retailer case studies,” says Line Up’s Leach. “For Line Up video has always featured within our toolset for creating memorable and effective events.”

A different future
So what excites Leach the most about how the latest video technology can be used for live experiences?

“There are too many exciting uses for me to sum up here,” he says. “However, I love that now, through a multitude of hi-tech screen, displays and projection, film and video can be integrated into environment design to create an element of surprise and tremendous atmosphere. Even to the extent of combining 3D projection, video needs no longer to be contained by boxes.”

Which probably means that the events of the not too distant future could look and feel very different to the ones we experience today.

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